How must a good banner be?

One of the most efficient ways through which a web site can reach to big masses is banner advertisements. An effective banner should be a banner which gives correct information about your site and campaign to the visitors, in which your logo takes place, and which arises the wish to revisit your site in your visitors.

How must a good advertisement text be?

Advertisement texts are important starts for the communication with the target audience. The text must have the qualification to express your campaigns on your advertisement site in the best way. It must be short and understandable. It must include a telephone number and other communication details.

What is a content advertisement?

They are realized with the aim of publicizing the brand by establishing connection between customer and product properties instead of directly transferring the sale messages.

The advertiser purchases a certain domain on the internet for a certain period of time and s/he publishes specially designed contents on this domain in order to publicize his or her products and services and to transfer the desired message to the target audience. This system works with the principle that the advertiser makes payment for the clicks on some certain words which take place in the texts that are read on an internet site.

Why Content Advertisement?

Because, the advertisements that are added to a correct site catch the shoppers when they are ready to buy in every sense and increase the effect of the advertisements. Content Advertisement provides more return with less cost and additionally it offers an economic advertisement solution for the advertisers based on cost per click.

The clicks that are obtained from Contextual targeting mean more qualified potential customer without endangering your campaign’s performance in any way. Content advertisements can be displayed on web pages in content network and on other elements such as videos. Advertisement formats such as text advertisement, picture advertisement, flash advertisement, video advertisement are within acceptable advertisement qualification in this advertisement type. Consequently, while content targeted advertisements provide useful information to the readers they also attracts an target audience closely interested in your message.

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