Internet Reklame

Akilli Meyveler präsentiert die Internet Reklame die auf den Inhalt zielt. Ihre Internet Reklame wird nur auf Seitenveröffentlicht, die Ihren Schlüsselwörtern oder Ihrem Thema sinngemäß ähneln.

Ein professionelles Team das sich um über 100.000 Webseiten mit einem monatlichen Reklameaufkommen von mehr als 1 Milliarde Reklamen kümmert, leitet auch Ihre Reklame. Von Anbietern deren Seiten ähnliche Inhalte wie Ihre Reklame haben, erhalten Sie ein hohes Feedback.

To Give an Advertisement

Minimum Offers

The Best Price Guarantee

Format Unit Minimum Offer
Text Banner CPC, PPC 1 Click 0.05 USD
Rich Media CPM 1000 Demonstration 0.09 USD
Graphic Banner CPC 1 Click 0.05 USD
Pop-Down CPV 1000 Visit 4 USD
Full Page CPI 1000 Demonstration 9 USD

Proof System

Advanced advertisement technology of “Reklam Agaci” examines every demonstration and click and it also calls off artificial clicks automatically which do not bear the user specification.

In Addition, the advertisements are monitored momentarily by our traffic control team. Doubtful advertisement traffics are detected in the same day and added back to the account.

Content Advertisement

Internet users spend most of their times such as %47 in content sites.

“Reklam Agaci” creates new opportunities in order to gain high return and to brand your products and services.

Google Advertisement

İRP which serves content and search engine advertisement services from 2004 till now is one of the first qualified Google Adwords companies in Turkey.

Professional IRP Team who manage MSN, Yahoo, Google search and content advertisements give service to you.

Campaign Management

  • A special account manager are appointed to your account.
  • Detailed reports are presented in order to monitor your Advertisement Performance.
  • You can manage your advertisement campaigns online for 7/24.
  • You can control your costs with max. click offer and daily budget.
  • Return Follow-up (ROI)

    How adventageous are your ads?

  • Sale (How many purchases are counted)
  • Record (How many people have signed up to your site?)
  • Demonstration (How many times have one of your certain pages viewed?)
  • Form (How many visitors have filled in a contact form?)
  • Etc.

  • You can monitor how much have your advertisements value added for you thanks to the return follow-up code which you will add to your site. Return follow-up Program are used in CPA (cost per action) advertisement programs.

    Advertisement Targeting

  • Key Word
  • Channel
  • Country and City (e.g; İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir)
  • Publisher Sites
  • Return
  • Time
  • Target your advertisement with the options above.

    Advertisement Categories

  • Shopping
  • Computer
  • Science
  • Kids and Youth
  • Religion
  • House
  • General
  • Press and Broadcast
  • Hobby
  • Internet
  • Business
  • Automotive
  • Game
  • Money and Finance
  • Source
  • Health
  • Culture and Arts
  • Sports
  • Group
  • Adult (+18)
  • Choose the content most suitable to you from over 150 channels that are bound to their categories.

    Schlaue Früchte veröffentlicht nur in Städten die sie wünschen.
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