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Reklam Agaci provides the opportunity to gain more to its users by managing intelligently the link advertisements and banner advertisements in various sizes.

Start to publish advertisements today and gain immediately. Join in Intelligent Reklam Agaci, Advertisement Network today!

To Be a Publisher

Share and Payment

Reklam Agaci provides a return of % 60 to its publishers with the advertisement programs based on Cost per Visit (CPV), Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Mille (CPM). There is an analytical management available where the gain of the publishers increases according to the performance.

You can get your payment with monthly periods through PayPal or cash transfer in such a way minimum payment is 50 USD. Turnovers less than minimum payment amount are handed over to the next month.

Published Advertisement Formats

Format Unit
Text Link (CPC)
Text Banner (CPC, PPC)
Rich Media (CPM)
Graphic Banner (CPC,CPM)
Pop-Down (CPV)
Full Page (CPI)

Account Management

A media control panel will be presented through which you can control the size, color and minimum offer of the advertisement and get detailed performance reports online 7/24.

An account manager is assigned to your account as an expert from the media team and s/he gives support to you about management.

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