Except for the information that must be shared with Advertisement Receiver and Advertiser by Advertisement Receiver and Advertiser as a necessity of the work, Reklam Agaci will not disclose the personal information which is notified while concluding an agreement with Reklam Agaci to the third parties.

Reklam Agaci will not share the personal and company information with third parties and will not sell and use this information except for the aims about collecting this information.

The register form that the registered users who are the members of Reklam Agaci web site requires users to provide the information (company name or e-mail addresses etc.) with which communication can be achieved with themselves. "Reklam Agaci" can use the information demanded on this form with the aim of publishing advertisement. Customer contact details can also be used in order to contact to the customer when needed. The information requested on the register form can be used for various statistical assessments and marketing researches by Reklam Agaci and the people with whom the Reklam Agaci is in corporation without disclosing the user’s identity. This information can only be used by "Reklam Agaci" and they can not be sold and disclosed to any third parties. However, in limited conditions that are mentioned below, the "Reklam Agaci" can disclose the information of the users to the third parties except for Privacy Policy provisions. These conditions being in limited number:
  1. Obeying with the obligations born by legal rules which are enacted by authorized legal authority such as Law, Decree Law, Regulation and which are already in effect.
  2. With the aim of realizing the requirements of the contract that the Reklam Agaci concluded with the users and putting these into effect.
  3. Demand for information about the users in order to perform a search and query accordingly by the authorized administrative and legal authority.
  4. Te above situations are the ones in which information sharing is necessary to protect rights and securities of the users.
"Reklam Agaci" can give links to other sites within the web site. "Reklam Agaci" bears no responsibility in terms of privacy applications and contents of the sites which are reached through these links.

At the same time, "Reklam Agaci" can use a special tracking code in order to detect how much the advertisements that advertisement buyers take is used and whether these advertisement are published as guaranteed in the user contract. Under no circumstances does the use of this information mean violation of this privacy policy by "Reklam Agaci".

Server computers and other surrounding hardwares in which "Reklam Agaci" takes place have firewalls and network security systems whose safeness are tested. These hardwares are performed with secure softwares and operation systems. Secrecy and integrity of the information that is given while performing the transactions of membership and credit upload are provided with an encryption of 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is impossible to decode and which is an international standard. You are in %100 of safeness with SSL encryption methods.

Your credits card details are saved in our system. In addition to Reklam Agaci authorities, nobody can reach to your credit card details except for you and the bank.

Your personal rights are under the guaranty of "Reklam".

Reklam Agaci can change this privacy policy provisions whenever it wants on condition that it publishes them on the web site. Reklam Agaci goes into effect on the date when the modified Privacy Policy provisions are published.

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