Advertisement Formats

Reklam Agaci supports 11 advertisement formats, too.

  1. Search Find Advertisement
  2. Graphic Banner Advertisement
  3. Full Page Advertisement
  4. Layer Advertisement
  5. Text Link Advertisement
  6. Text Banner Advertisement
  7. Pop-Down Advertisement
  8. Rich Media Advertisement
  9. Video Advertisement
  10. XML Advertisement
  11. Video Layer Advertisement

Graphic Banner Advertisement

One image can sometimes transfer more than a thousand words in less than one second to the visitor. Attention catching image advertisements are published only on the pages that the visitors might be interested in. When clicked onto the advertisement, it is passed to the URL address that the advertiser determines in order to get more information about the product or the service.

Graphic advertisements are more effective as perception when compared with TV or Radio. With the condition that they are compatible with our publication directives, all of the pictures that you want are published in pre-defined standard sizes.

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